Our Services

We offer a wide range of services which are covered in more detail below.
One of our major points of difference is our ability to handle unique challenges.

Customer satisfaction is one of our points of difference between the large corporate mentality and our own mission statement which clearly prioritises customer satisfaction based on personalised service.

Our tag line of 'Design global - Print local' speaks volumes about our utilisation of cutting edge techniques for the benefit of our customers.


Flyers have a unique part to play in promoting your business. They are a cost effective way to promote your product or service to the masses. With more information than a rack card and less detail than a brochure this mid-range option can cover all the bases for you. The options within this category are flexible and extensive ranging from A6 to A4 in size and from matt to gloss finish.

Gift Vouchers

Utilise both our design and print teams to individualise your gift voucher requirements.
Wide and flexible range of design options perfect for that personalised touch.


Similar to our gift voucher design and print service, invitations tend to be very personalised so make contact with our team to discuss your requirements. Examples include:

  • Wedding Invitations
  • Birthday Invitations
  • Anniversary Invitations
  • Event Invitations
Invoice Books

An essential work tool are invoice books, as they are key to any successful business in the reduction of duplication and waste. Invoice books come in a duplicate or triplicate format and thus provide accurate copies to all stakeholders with one data entry point. The benefits of a personalised invoice book are found in the paper trail it creates for all concerned, from supplier to customer to the accounting department.

Loyalty Cards

Drum up business!! Give your customers a reason to come back! A standard loyalty card is the size of a business card for easy storage in your wallet or purse. This size is a key characteristic that ensures easy access and therefore repeat patronage – i.e. Loyalty. Contact our team today and watch your business grow.

Raffle Tickets

Raffle Tickets are generally utilised in fundraising activities.

Options include:

  • Personalised or customised logos or artwork
  • Perforated tickets (tear out option)
  • Sequentially numbered tickets
  • Any size, any quantity
Rack Cards

Market your business in an economic way with the use of Rack Cards.
This form of promotion allows you to simplify your message, service or product in an easy to read no fuss format.


Stickers enable a personalised message to be sent or attached to products or packaging. This form of marketing is a cost effective way of branding and communicating your message to the public or your customer base. Sticker adhesive properties range from permanent to removable depending on your end use.

Wide Format

Wide format is a style of printing most commonly found in the production of posters and other large print work.
Once the artwork has been completed the file is sent to the wide format printer to create the final product, this can then be laminated with a matt or gloss finish for protection. A wide range of options are available from design to size to finish. Pukeko Print & Design’s one stop shop to handle all your requirements - in-house.

Other Services

PDF conversions / Convert images to Vector Line Drawings / Photographic Restoration